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I vanished, again...

Hello everyone. Remember when I said a few months ago that there would be new content? Well, as of yesterday there is. It took me all this time to finally upload an already finished resource pack and why? Because I decided I wanted a video showcase for it. I actually made one back then but I didn't get around to embedding it into this site, then life happened and after a few weeks I totally forgot that I hadn't put out the resource pack yet. So yesterday I started out with uploading the file and guess what, all those months the downloads were broken. Since no one told me I guess no one noticed.

The downloads are fixed now, the resource pack is out and I even made a new showcase video since the old one was bad. You think the new one is bad? Good you didn't see the old one. The new one took me 18 takes to get it up to that level and I still don't like it...

Anyway, as of today there is an 1.14 vanilla resource pack that has high resolution paintings with a fantasy theme. I hope you like it.


Progress Update (Programming Stuff)

I took the time to rewrite the screenshot functionality so that you can now click on images to enlarge them, instead of hovering. The comment system is now fully working again and is in the process of getting a design overhaul, actually, the whole site is. I worked more on making this site compatible to mobile devices, so now on devices with small screens and/or only a touch screen the categories accessible through the main menu have a nice submenu to access all other pages with. Before, there was a ugly submenu there that always showed and was hard to aim for because it was just that small.

The plan for the future is to write a nice news system so I don't have to replace the text all the time, it will also include the date I wrote something so you will see if it is actually news or if I ignored the page for a few years again. I will also continue working on how the site looks, I am not content with stuff, like the title, and the way the title is displayed on the page and the subheadlines need work, also.

The comment system might get the added functionality of only showing the form after "Add comment" or something similar was clicked, making it easier to just read them and it needs the function that after the send-button was pressed it will still show the form, not the top part of the page. The download system might also get a button to show older downloads so the list won't get to long when I add new versions of stuff. And thinking on that, the image gallery on mobile might be better hidden by default because it can be quite a pain to scroll past that.

The only thing I need to work out before I implement all that is if it is possible using just HTML/CSS/PHP because I don't want to rely on JavaScript, I want this site to work for everyone, regardless of they have optional stuff like JavaScript active or not and adding fallbacks for everything just makes it hard to plan what the page will looks like for everyone.


I am back

Okay, after basically ignoring this site for quite a while I am back and I am fixing the homepage up a bit. I fixed the broken comment form, the navigation got a rewrite, I split the IC2 resource packs into two pages (thought the version with both is still online because I need new screenshots to use for the single pages) and I finally fixed my navigation highlighting to highlight the category and subcategory as well as the current page.

I still need to make adjustments for the mobile version of this homepage since quite a bit of it doesn't display right on my phone and I never was that happy with the way navigation works on mobile. I also plan to add a download counter to the page, I am already counting downloads, just not showing them. The screenshot display needs serious work, I never liked the expand on hover it does but it was the best I could do at the time, so I might try my hand at it again. I also plan to add functionality to display videos and I want to rework the design of the download pages (and maybe the other pages as well).

As for actual content instead of just the technical stuff, there will be at least two new resource packs for vanilla out very soon (as well as an addon to one vanilla one for IC2Classic) and I will also make new screenshots (and maybe a video) for the resource packs out so far. The IC2Exp resource pack is considered deprecated by me since I don't have any interest whatsoever in finishing it but the IC2Classic one will hopefully get an update soon.