Right now I'm working on a comment system for this page. If you want to try it, you can find it here. All comments are moderated, so you won't see it until after I read and aproved it. Testkomments will be deleted when it moves away from the testsite. Useful comments will find a new home somewhere here. I would appreciate feedback to this site, the comment function and anything else you can think of.

Also new, there are tutorials to Integrated Dynamics and its addon Integrated Tunnels. The one IndustrialCraft2 tutorial in the navigation still isn't done. Concerning IndustrialCraft2, the resource pack got an update with a few new textures, thought no finished machine yet, and I added all textures that are done to the machines, so in this version (and onwards) you will get machines with some textures done and some not. If that bothers you either use the first version of the pack or remove the textures manualy.

About this page

On this site you can find anything minecraft-related that I create. Right now you can find a WIP resource pack for IndustrialCraft2 - Experimental here. Coming soon is a simple forge mod for 1.8 (and hopefully 1.10) which shows the fps in an configuratable location, color and size. Also in planing is a tutorial/showcase of my IC2 energy network which only uses renewable energy. It's not useful for endgame but it can run quite a few of the early- to midgame machines for quite a while (it could be running them permanently but I haven't found so many ores to test, playing survival) and a chunkloader with nine chunks loaded permanently. I might also write a few general tips for starting IC2 on 1.10 that I myself would have liked to know when starting.

Concerning this homepage I do have plans on including a contact formular and a screenshot section in the near future. A section with useful links for Minecraft and mods I play will also be added. I will rewite or add to the download system I use right now since I am not satisfied with it now, it being first the try and the code for it messy.

If you have any suggestions you can mail them to me using the mail address below. You can also mail if you find errors, be it my spelling, the homepage of just wrong information that I included somewhere. Of course I also don't mind questions to what I write here or in general. The mail you can send all this to until I get the contact formular working is ten.aranead@tfarcenim. You can't copy the address because if you can, the spambot can too but it shouldn't be so hard to remember it for a few seconds to type it in an email. Also it might take me a day or so to answer.

Please take a look around and come back sometime to see what's new around here.