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I vanished, again...

Hello everyone. Remember when I said a few months ago that there would be new content? Well, as of yesterday there is. It took me all this time to finally upload an already finished resource pack and why? Because I decided I wanted a video showcase for it. I actually made one back then but I didn't get around to embedding it into this site, then life happened and after a few weeks I totally forgot that I hadn't put out the resource pack yet. So yesterday I started out with uploading the file and guess what, all those months the downloads were broken. Since no one told me I guess no one noticed.

The downloads are fixed now, the resource pack is out and I even made a new showcase video since the old one was bad. You think the new one is bad? Good you didn't see the old one. The new one took me 18 takes to get it up to that level and I still don't like it...

Anyway, as of today there is an 1.14 vanilla resource pack that has high resolution paintings with a fantasy theme. I hope you like it.

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About this page

This hompeage started out as a coding project but it seemed to be a reasonally well working system so I decided to use it to showcase all the stuff I do for Minecraft. For now there are tutorials on here, as well as a few resource packs. I might make my mod (an extremely simple mod that only shows the fps) compatible with newer minecraft versions in the future and upload it here.

Concerning this homepage I do have plans on including a contact formular and a screenshot section in the near future. A section with useful links for Minecraft and mods I play will also be added. I will rewite or add to the download system I use right now since I am not satisfied with it now, it being first the try and the code for it messy.

If you want to contact me you can send me a mail to ten.aranead@tfarcenim. Don't try to copy that address, it won't work because of spambot protection. In case you just want to show your appreciation for the work I do here you can also use the comment system that you will find on quite a few pages here. Comments need to be screened by me first, then they will show. In case the comment system, or anything else on this homepage is broken or doesn't display right, please contact me per mail and I will try too fix it.

Please take a look around and come back sometime to see what's new around here.